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Nara Rohith, who made his debut with Banam is back with Solo. This time he tried to prove himself as an all rounder by showing his skills.

Movie Rating: 3/5
Banner: SVK Cinemas
Cast: Nara Rohit, Nisha Agarwal,Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Ali, Jayasudha
Music: Mani Sharma
Producer: Vamsi Krishna Srinivas
Direction: Parasuram


Gowtham (Rohith) is an orphan, who dreams of having his own family. Gowtham feels that if he marries a girl from a big family then he could have all the relatives. So he tries his best to find one such girl. He falls for Vaishnavi (Nisha) as she has everything that he is looking for. She is the daughter of Raghupathi (Prakash Raj), who wants his daughter to marry a man from a joint family. He rejects Gowtham as he is an orphan. The love pair got separated. How do they convince Raghupathi is the rest of the story.


Nara Rohit is handsome and has intense eyes with assertive voice. He needs to loosen his body a bit and show expressions on his face and come out of the stiff posture. But still, he covered his drawbacks with good confidence and dialogue delivery. On a whole he suits for roles like tough cop and action oriented performances than a sentimental lover boy.

Nisha Agarwal looks cute and conveys most of her thoughts through her eyes. Acting wise, she must work on performance during emotional scenes. She has potential.

Prakash Raj is impressive as usual. No doubt he is called the powerhouse actor. His versatility and strong screen presence adds value to the film.

A special mention goes to Srinivasa Reddy. He got the big responsibility of leading the comedy track and he did full justice to that. His role was lengthy and the opportunity was utilised properly. He deserves to be given more encouragement and roles.

Sayaji Shinde was standard, Jayasudha was natural, Ravu Ramesh was not used to his potential, the girl who did Nisha’s friend’s role scored few points, M S Narayana brought few smiles, Ali was witty. Pavitra Lokesh looks graceful. Good to see Mumaith Khan back and that too in shape. The others did their bit as required.

Solo film has a simple story. Director Parashuram penned down a solid screenplay to narrate this simple point like his guru Puri Jagannadh. The film’s flow until interval point is smooth. The takeoff is good in the second half too. But the film’s color changes all of a sudden.

Until interval it is an entertaining story with ample fun. When the hero’s character takes a U turn, the mood of the film too has changed big time. Although it is understandable, few may not like the sudden shift. Director should have tried to include some funny characters in the marriage atmosphere without changing the mood of the hero. So that it would have pleased the audiences that look for comedy throughout the film.

On a whole, the mood of the film is alright. This story has to be dealt this way. There is nothing wrong in the approach of the director. Instead of being vocal all the time, he should have tried to show the pain of the protagonist visually. Saying so, we should admit that the dialogues are pretty good.

Solo is being promoted as an entertaining love story. But it is actually an emotional love story blended with some amount of comedy. The makers of the film should immediately focus on the publicity and packaging

Overall, this is a film that will strike a chord with the family audience and emotionally driven mass audience. There are no idle moments and the film works as a perfect package of comedy, emotion and sentiment. At the box office, considering the budget and other factors, the film has it all to score success.

Solo Telugu Movie


Solo Telugu Movie

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