Theen Maar Movie Review & Theen Maar Movie Rating: 3.25/5
theen maar movie

Cast: Pavan Kalyan, Trisha, Kriti Kharbanda, Paresh Rawal, Sonu Sood, Tanikella, Koyalagundla Harish and others
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography : Jaynan Vincent
Story, Dialogues, screenplay: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: Ganesh Babu
Direction: Jayanth C. Paranjee
Banner: Parameswara Arts

Pavan Kalyan is back after his debacle ‘Komaram Puli’ and he has teamed up with his favorite Trivikram Srinivas (with dialogues and screenplay) who is also recovering from his debacle ‘Khaleja’. That helped director Jayante Pranje a lot. Let us see how they have fared in this.

Teen Maar is one of the most awaited films of this year and why not? There is no need to say what Pavan Kalyan is capable of and how great his star power is. He had his tough times but he was not down and out at any instance in his career. Pavan Kalyan always rocked when he did films in comedy and romance genre. So, Theen Maar has far more reasons to raise the expectations level. Here’s the review…


This is a remake of Bollywood hit Love Aaj Kal and the Hindi movie title itself says what this movie is about. It is about Love… then and now. Everything has changed with time and human emotions too.

Love is not an exception. How love and lovers used to be three
decades ago? How they have changed with time. Arjun Palvoy (Pavan
Kalyan) and Vasumathi (Kriti Karbhanda) played the love pair of eighties and Michael Velayudham (Pavan) and Meera (Trisha) are the
love pair of current times. Arjun has to face the wrath of customs
and has to convince parents who feel that love is a crime. Michael has to overcome his confusion and realize his true love towards Meera. That sums up the story.


When said as two different stories, Theen Maar doesn’t seem like an interesting film. But when those two stories are clubbed together it turned out to be an engaging and entertaining fare. Thanks to the director that he didn’t include many characters and too much melodrama to make this film suitable for our masses. He has stuck to the core material of the original and the rest was done by Pavan Kalyan and Trivikram.

Teen Maar starts off on a dull note. Technical errors like ‘spot dubbing’ to Michael’s character marred the proceedings. When things seemed so gloomy and when the film’s graph is going down at a rocket speed, then entered Arjun Palvoy’s character.And from then on the movie went to the next level and it was a total fun with few hiccups in the middle. Climax is the heart of the movie and that is where Theen Maar scores brownie points.

Pavan Kalyan fans are sure going to have ablast with this movie. Families and youngsters have lots of elements to feel it worth a watch. We have to wait and see how masses likes this.


Pawan Kalyan has given an energetic performance and he scores the brownie points with his timing of dialogues. He looks stylish in the modern role but should have been careful in choice of costumes in flashback episode.

Trisha looks good after putting on some extra pounds of flesh. She is cute as usual and fills the glamour and emotional quotient wherever required.

Kriti Kharbanda looks like a doll but then she should have been more versatile with her expressions. The innocence is there in her eyes but it is not done with conviction. Overall, she did a decent job.

Paresh Rawal was brief, Sonu Sood looks elegant, Donna looks sizzling hot, Ali brought few smiles, Koyalagundla Harish and Arundhati Aravind made their presence felt. Tanikella, MS Narayana, Kasi Viswanath, Mukesh Rishi, Pragathi filled the screen at necessary scenes.


Dialogues by Trivikram are an asset. His subtle changes in the screenplay are superb. Trivikram gave his midas touch to this film especially towards the finale. Mani Sharma’s music is another bonus. Almost all the songs are good on screen. J. Vincent’s cinematography is good. Editing is fine. Only major problem is with the sound mixing during the first thirty minutes. Spot dubbing has not been done in a proper way. They should have safely shunned it for a better quality.
Production values are rich. Direction by Jayanth is smooth. He didn’t do anything silly and stuck to the basics. He has once again proved that he can handle the remake films well.

Highlights (Plus Points):

- Pavan Kalyan performance
- Trivikram dialogues
- Music
- Pavan- Trisha liplock sequences
- Songs, background score
- Trisha’s glamour
- Locations
- Cinematography and emotional sequences
- Second half, especially the last 30 minutes

Drawbacks (Minus Points):

- Spot dubbing errors
- Flashback episode missed natural appeal
- Few screenplay hiccups in the second hour


After a long time, Pawan Kalyan was seen in full spirits and seemed to enjoy his role and characterization. The film comes across with an ideology clash between the current generation and the generation that has gone by when it comes to essence of relationships. While the intention is noble, this may not be a recipe for the mass or commercial audience (B, C centers).

As such, this is a movie which appeals the class and urban (A center) audience. Also, with good technical and production values coupled with few nice songs, the film has a feel good factor and turns out to be a smooth breezy entertainer. Pawan Kalyan fans might get reminded of his ‘Khushi’ days. The film will connect well with those who haven’t watched the original in Hindi (Love Aaj Kal).

Overall, this comes across as a cool treat in the summer heat packed with the right dose of comedy, sentiment, romance and above all, dialogues. At the box office, this has strong chances of scoring success.

Pawan Kalyan has broken the rule this time and performed something out of the box (esp with lip locks). Trisha looked hottest in best way possible with ample thigh shows and deeper necks. She came out with full dose glamour.

The first half suffers little ups and downs while last 30 minutes stood as highlight with gripping.

Final Word:

Theen Maar lives up to its tag line ‘celebration of love’. This is the best film of Pavan Kalyan post Kushi. Even better than Jalsa content wise. Pavan has a winner on hands. Holidays and family crowds should lap it up.