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Kshetram Telugu Movie Review ~ Rating: 1.5/5



Kshetram Telugu Movie Review ~ Rating: 1.5/5
Cast: Jagapathi Babu, Priyamani, ‘Kick’ Shyam, Kota & others
Music: Koti
Cinematographer: M V Raghu
Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Story, Screenplay, Direction: T Venugopal
Producer: Govardhan Raju
Banner: Sri Balaji Movies
Release date: 29-12-2011

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The regular pair of Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani is back and this time, they came with a dose of flashback. Let us see if the film was divine enough.


Chakri (Shyam) who hails from a royal family works with a TV channel and he falls in love with the Marwadi girl Sohini (Priyamani). Both families agree for the marriage and Chakri’s father (Aditya Menon) takes the newly wed couple to the grave of his brother Veera Narasimha Rayalu (Jagapathi Babu) and Naga Penchalamma (Priyamani again) for paying respects.

However, the spirit of Penchalamma enters the body of Sohini and she kills Chakri’s father. A tryst with a guru reveals the flashback of Narasimha Rayalu and Penchalamma, their efforts to lay the idol of Narasimha Swamy in a temple for the welfare of the villages and the enemies (Kota and others) who are stopping it. Whether the divine mission is successful or not forms the rest of the story.


Jagapathi Babu looks fit and does his bit in the required manner. Though some of his dialogues looked odd, he managed to bring some attention of the audience to the screen.

Priyamani should work on her looks. Her body is slowly going out of shape and something is not right around her tummy and navel area where the extra flab has come. Performance-wise no complaints…

Shyam is handsome and despite his Kollywood background, he tries his best to get the lip sync. Though his role is subdued, he gives his full in every scene. He is a talent who should be given right roles.

Aditya Menon is a good performer. He has the right kind of personality and the evil expressions to make him the villain. He has strong potential to enter into the top league of villains if he chooses his projects carefully.

Tanikella Bharani was effective, Kota was impressive, Brahmi was boring, Rajeev Kanakala was wasted, Jackie was okay, Hema and Surekha Vani were brief, Siva Parvathi was standard, Brahmaji came and went, the others didn’t have much scope.


Dialogues are average and lyrics are in sync with the theme. Songs are pretty bad and background music is not up to the mark. Cinematography and Editing have nothing to talk about.

Director Venu Gopal tried to imitate Arundhati and Chandramukhi, which is definitely not needed for this film. He didn’t even succeed in getting 10% out of those films. His inability in narrating the story is evident throughout the film. He failed to bring out the right emotions in very important scenes. Climax scenes are enough to highlight his weaknesses as a director. An able director could have made this film work.

Plus Points:

- Jagapathi Babu and Priyamani

Minus Points:

- Outdated direction
- Terrible music for songs and BG score
- Poor cinematography
- Abrupt editing
- No depth in any scene
- Dragged pace

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Within first five minutes of the film, one begins to get a feeling that they are being made a ‘Bakra’ and by the time the film is halfway, the ‘Bakra’ is ready for ‘Bali’.

The thought from the director is good but there is not a single point where he can be patted for his execution. It was amazingly amateur. Sometimes, the film looked like ‘Chandramukhi’ and sometimes, it looked like ‘Arundhati’. And one doesn’t know why Rajeev Kanakala was there, an actor of his calibre became a simple dummy. Here are some highlight comments heard inside the theatre

When Jagapathi Babu is given a extra long sword for doing ‘Daiva Kaaryam’, the theatre folks commented that it will be used by him for slicing lemons and breaking coconuts in temple. Nearly 70% of the scenes contain Jaggu carrying the sword. It looked more like a kid carrying his fancy toy wherever he goes with a lot of excitement.
Priyamani as a royal Naga Penchalamma dreams of a song sequence wherein her eroticism and raunchiness is displayed. The attempt was to appease the mass audience but it was a misfit.

Overall, this is a film which has no content, no proper handling of the script and there is nothing notable that any class of audience can connect to. At the box office, the chances of the film scoring a flop are very high.

Final Verdict:

Kshetram is targeted at the C center crowds and they may like few scenes. On a whole everyone would be disappointed with this amateurish film. Kshetram is a rare film which has nothing to rave about including the performances.

‘Dharshan’ is not mandatory for this ‘Kshetram’.

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Mogudu Telugu Movie Review ~ Rating 2.5/5


Mogudu Telugu Movie Review ~ Rating 2.5/5
Mogudu Poster

Cast: Gopi Chand, Taapsee, Rajendra Prasad
Music: Babu Shankar
Director: Krishna Vamsi
Producer: Nallamalapu Srinivas (Bujji)
Banner: Lakshmi Narasimha Productions

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Mogudu Telugu Movie Rating 2.5/5
Mogudu Review:

Krishna Vamsi is known for making films with a strong emotional and family base. His Chandamama is still fresh in everyone’s mind. He has now come up with Mogudu. Let us see if the film has managed to live up to the expectations.


Ram Prasad alias Bujji (Gopi Chand) is the son of Anjaneya Prasad (Rajendra Prasad), a rich man and social activist. Prasad wants his son Bujji to get married and settle in life. After few failed attempts to find a bride, Bujji falls in love with RajaRajeshwari alias Raji (Taapsee) in first look. Raji is the daughter of Chamundeswari, a powerful political leader (Roja). Both the families are happy for the couple and they get married in a grand manner. Small issue rises when they are about to send Raji with Bujji. That turns into an ugly brawl and the couple gets separated then and there. What happens next is the rest of the story.


Krishna Vamsi did well in building up the story. There are few ‘overtone’ scenes which seemed bad in taste, but on a whole the flow is neat until interval point. During the mid break, the film changes color and Krishna Vamsi brought that on to the screen in a convincing manner. He has brilliantly shown how small ego clashes lead to big fights in marriages.

The overall feel at the interval time will be positive and raises hopes over the next hour. But Krishna Vamsi found it tough to change the mood of the film all of a sudden. He faltered a bit and the confusions in the characters and their behavior is clearly visible. The movie changes track when it lands in Mauritius. Despite being funny at times, the whole situation looks forced and unconvincing.

The last act in the film was dealt pretty badly. Although that is the only conclusion, he could give to this story, Krishna Vamsi pumped in too much drama and the characters behave in a weird fashion that they get on audience nerves. Mogudu is sheer disappointment on a whole. Despite preaching family values it won’t appeal to family audiences too.


Babu Shankar’s music is an asset. Almost all the songs are good. Background score is perfect. Sirivennela’s lyrics deserve applause. Cinematography is good and editing is alright. Production values are good.

Krishna Vamsi is neither completely out of touch nor on top. There are flashes of brilliance in certain scenes. ‘Over the top’ drama has been doing harm to his works in the recent times and yet again he couldn’t get over that weakness in Mogudu. His writing and handling in the second half is pretty poor.

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Plus Points:

Taapsee and Shraddha Das
Songs picturization
Technical values

Minus Points:

Poor screenplay
Second half
Extremities of unwanted emotions
Inconsistent etching of characters
Lack of depth in crucial scenes


Gopi Chand is good in his elements. His character is different from his regular roles. His mass fans will be disappointed to see him an in a very soft role. Taapsee tried to prove herself as a good actress and it is certainly her best portrayal till date. However, dubbing on her own without knowing the language isn’t a good ploy. At times she hammed a bit and failed to give right expressions in few scenes. She sizzled on the glamour front.

Shradha Das added the necessary spice. She is okay in her role. Rajendra Prasad is good when his character is soft and humble. But his characterization is unconvincing in the second half where it behaves very odd and immature. Roja is good and this character is tailor made for her. Naresh is fine. Venu Madhav is average. All others did well within their limitations.

Final Verdict:

The theme is good and there are some good messages in the film. However Krishna Vamsi has taken the ‘fight’ between the two families a bit too far. It is overly exaggerated – members of the two families fighting it out like street rowdies over and over gain. The film starts to drag once the hero and the heroine com back from Mauritius. The film then ends on a tame and predictable note with a big sermon from the hero. The film has nothing in it going for the young audiences. It is now in the hands of family audiences to decide the fate of the film at the box office.


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